Ahh, *sigh* there she is….

I have never met a strong woman
who has never been broken.
She had to learn
how to pick herself up and carry on.
She had to learn
how to depend on herself for happiness
– Tene Edwards


I recall a time when I wasn’t sure I would ever feel even a remote pinch of happiness again. When things are bad you are sure that you’ll never feel better again. When things are good, you are sure that you’ll never feel bad again. It’s like being in the dead of winter, where summer feels like a million days away and you cannot fathom how it feels to have the sun shine down on you – and in the summer you can’t imagine ever feeling cold again. But it will be cold again, and it will be warm again; and you will feel sad again but more importantly you will be happy again.

During one particular low point in my journey, I was desperate for a hint of relief from the darkness, just a bit a light to get me through. I smile as I distinctly recall this wonderful feeling – it was my glimpse at the “warmth” my cold body had been craving.

I woke up one day, and felt it. Relief. A glimmer of light. My soul saw itself again. I awoke, and felt warmth, and thought to myself, ” ahh there she is, I’ve been looking for  you.”

I had been waiting for this moment and was so grateful it arrived, saving me from my own worst enemy. My depression.

It’s a lovely thing to realize that your body, and your mind, are capable of doing and feeling things that you once thought were impossible. A clear mind and a happy soul.

Find comfort in knowing that it will be warm again.


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