It is Possible

It is possible for people with depression to: Feel Better. Think Clearer. Do More.

Like I mentioned in my last post, medication has allowed me to get to a place where I can take care of myself on a different, more personal level. I had an appointment today with my physiatrist. They will often ask you to rank your thoughts and feelings on a scale from 1-10. For a long time I was consistently sitting numbly at a 3. Just going through the motions, feeling no connection to anyone or anything. 3 sucks. I know that 3 sucks. Today however, (and for the past few weeks) I have been slowly feeling my number rise. I wake up a bit more stable. I go to sleep a bit more content. I am happy with where I am in my journey. I feel connected to things that I am doing, and to people that I love. I am back at work and enjoying it and feeling productive. I am able to take care of myself by eating healthy and running and doing things for me. I didn’t just snap out of a phase and get to this spot. Medication was one key aspect that allowed me to get myself to a place where I can put other types of care in place and maintain them.

So today when my doctor asked me to rank where I am, I confidently said I was a 6. It’s not perfect by any means. But I feel like I’m over that hump, I’m finally over that magic halfway number of 5. I’m on the move, I’m on the rise.

I still fight to be 4 places away from 10. But I am in a place where I can fight to do the things that I need to do. Like today, I wanted to sit around and be cozy and anti social, but I fought to get my mind ready to go for a run. I knew the importance of lacing up and getting out there today, in the rain and cold, and my mind, body and heart thanked me. I still fight to be 4 away from 10.

So it is possible for people with depression to feel again, to feel like their old self and like they are living. It is possible to feel like doing something and that there is a future. To feel better.

It is possible for people with depression to think freely, long-term and on their feet. They can think with a purpose about their lives, their future, with less hesitation. We can think clearer.

It is also possible for people with depression to do more at work and more of what they love. It is possible to do something for others and things with their family. It’s possible to do more.

Use the tools out there so that you can DO YOU.


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