Sooner or Later

Sooner or later you realize that you have changed…

Life after one too many heartbreaks changes you.  I don’t necessarily mean heartbreaks from love, but those breaks will change you too, indefinitely.  I’m speaking of heartbreaks that come in a personal way. Personal heartbreaks.  From challenging times. Situations that break you down. Circumstances that make you grow.

Through the fight, I have learned that I am still capable of being gentle and caring, even nurturing, but I am no longer afraid to be assertive. Just because I may not be able to pinpoint the origin of my anxiety or the trigger point of a new bout of depression, does not mean that my feelings are any less valid than any other feelings.  I am willing to compromise, but no longer at the expense of my mental, emotional and spiritual health. I am a woman who will give 110% but not for someone or something that gives back only 50%. I’ve finally learned the difference. Sooner or later you will too. This I hope for you.

Be the fighter who decided to go for it. You don’t need to have it all together to inspire others. Go for whatever your heart whispers to you and let others become inspired by how you deal with your mental illness. So stay strong my friends, your story is far from over.


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