Queen Bees

For all the queen bees out there who may also be heartbreak dreamers, you will be alright. Set boundaries to respect yourself and not to offend anyone else.

The world has better plans for you. Align yourself with the things that you want. If you feel discomfort, it is a sign that is meant to tell you change is needed and it is coming.  Sprint towards your dreams. No walking.  Get the momentuem you need to go for your dreams and own being a queen bee.

There is a specific reason why your heart and soul isn’t made up of things that can break. Your heart and soul can bend and adapt while still being strong. You were created to be resilient. Queen bees don’t break. Even in the darkest moments, when there may appear to be no flowers for you, there is light waiting to be discovered.

I have been off running for weeks now. I still felt like myself but in a different way. Today I watched young littles run their hearts out at a cross country meet and I was inspired by those unbreakable, mendable, little hearts. It’s time for me to look for my queen bee to come back to me to refind her in the love that I find in running.

Thank you littles, for helping me align myself again, with those things that I want. This next chapter is going to be queen bee worthy. I was buried in a darkness that was a shadow over me. There was a light that was dull but now it’s ready to come out of it’s abyss and shine.

Healing comes in waves, and maybe the waves have hit the the rocks. But that’s ok. We are all still healing. Queen bees you are still healing.

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