Depression Confession

Of course I struggle, I just don’t quit. But I do have a confession to make. It’s my depression confession.

When I’m lost in the dark:

I have gone multiple days without changing my clothes or brushing my teeth.
I didn’t eat properly and ate too much in order to fill the void.
I only left my house to go to therapy or to work.
I had suicidal ideation.
I lied about what I was doing so that I could sleep to avoid.

What Depression feels like:

Feeling tearful and tired all of the time.
Feeling worthless.
Guilt and indecisiveness.
Little to no energy.
Low self esteem.
 Persistent negative view of myself.

What Depression looks like:

Sleeping too much.
Avoiding contact with friends and family.
Neglecting hobbies.
Having difficulties at work.
Loss of interest.

One of the bravest things I’ve ever done was continuing my life when I wanted to die, and I think it’s brave to try and be happy.
Be brave my sweet friends, be brave.


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