Love is a Place

My love is reserved for a specific few. The ones that heard me when I never said a word. For those who show me support when the tide is out and when it comes rushing in. Lately, the tide has been out. I’ve been distant, pulled away from the shore, out somewhere in the horizon. The tide has pulled me just far enough out that swimming in to the shore seems challenging, but not far enough that I need to send an S.O.S.

I can still see everyone else on the shore, living their lives, playing, laughing. They can still get a glimpse of me from time to time, when the sky clears up just enough for them to be able to see a far distance; but I’m still out with the tide.

I’m tired, and it’s not always about sleep. It’s from treading water every day.

I’m different. I don’t belong at the parties. But I also don’t belong out at sea. I belong in the quiet places. Where you don’t need to speak to communicate. I belong amongst the trees. Surrounded by other things that also live quietly. I belong surrounded by towering mountains. Keeping the silence encased within them. That place is love for me.

Brave girl, you are here for a reason. You were made for bigger, more beautiful things than the silent, complicated chaos that is within you.

All I ask is that you love me in any condition. Love me in all the settings. Love me in my place.

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